NHL Playoff Predictions

Playoff teams: Bruins, Penguins, Rangers, Red Wings Lightning, Flyers, Devils, Leafs
Bubble- Sens,Canadiens, Islanders and Capitals

Playoff teams: Kings, Blackhawks, Sharks,Blues, Canucks, Wild, Stars and Oilers
Bubbles- Coyotes, Predators and Ducks

Thoughts- The west is wide open, the Canucks and Sharks will battle for 2nd while the 8th seed could have 4 teams with the Oilers, Predators, Ducks and Coyotes in there.
The East is also tough with alot of good teams with the Rangers,Penguins and Bruins being the 3 best, then the Wings, Flyers, Devils and Lightning also right there. The battle for 7th and 8th is also wide open with the Canadiens,Capitals, Leafs, Sens and Islanders battling for the spots.

The NHL will be wide open with alot of good teams, the Devils, Canucks, Rangers, Red Wings and Oilers made changes.

East final 4: Bruins, Penguins, Rangers and Lightning
Bruins vs Lightning- Bruins in 6
Penguins vs Rangers- Rangers in 7
Rangers vs Bruins- Bruins in 7

West final 4: Hawks, Kings, Sharks and Canucks
Hawks vs Canucks- Hawks in 6
Kings vs Sharks- Kings in 6

Hawks vs Kings- Kings in 6

Kings vs Bruins- Kings in 7


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