Rangers and Wild Preview


Fowards- They have the scoring in Nash, Callahan ( he will miss a few games) and Stepan. They need Richards, Miller and others to step up.

Defense- With the likes of Girardi, a returning Marc Staal, they have a good core

Goalie- With Lundquivst there should be no problems

Overall- I feel if they gel well with the new system they could be a legit contender, but thats a big if.



Forwards- This is Parise’s 2nd season with the Wild, he is the main cog but Heatley, Coyole, Mikka Koivu and Pominville need to be good as well

Defense- Ryan Suter is the leader here

Goalie- Backstrom is the go to guy, but Josh Harding is no slouch as a back up.

Overall- They have talen but are young, if the kids develop give them 1 or 2 years before they are contenders.


NHL Thoughts:

1. The west is wide open, with the Ducks, Coyotes, Stars,Predators and Oilers vying for 2 spots

2. Same for the East with the Canes, Islanders, Senators, Canadiens, Leafs and Devils

3. The  Best teams right now are the Kings, Blackhawks, Bruins and maybe Penguins.

NHL East Preview


Thoughts- With almost the same team as last year, but the additions of Erkisson and iginla will make a good team even better. they will be a serious threat in the East.
Placement- 1st in Division

Thoughts- They are rebuilding, will need big season from Vanek and others to even have a shot.
Placement- 7th

Thoughts- With Alex Semin here for a full season and if Cam Ward can be as good as he can, plus get production from Jeff Skinner and the Staal brothers ( Eric and Jordan) they can be tough
Placement-6th or 7th in a tough division

Thoughts This is my dark horse team, they now have a full season of Marian Gaborik and Brandon Dubinsky, if they can both be productive they can be tough, but the East is too deep for them.
Placement- 8th

Thoughts- They can score goals but with no more Lidstrom their defense is weak
Placement- 3rd

Thoughts- Very young team that is rebuilding
Placement- 8th

Thoughts Virtually same team as last year

New Jersey
Thoughts They are better than last year, got younger but, lost Kovalchuk, they will be competitive

Thoughts- Still a very young team

Thoughts- with a new coach and a more offensive system they will be a contender
Placement- 2nd

Thoughts- They are decent and young but it they gel can sneak in the playoffs

Thoughts- I got them 4th in their division, but they will be right there with the Devils and Rangers
Placement</strong>- 4th

Thoughts- If Crosby stays healthy and Fleury is good in goal, they will be 1st
Placement- 1st

Thoughts- If Lindback gets better, they will be tough they got scoring with Stamkos and Malone
<strong>Placement-</strong> 2nd

Thoughts I have them 2nd because, they got a number 1 goalie in Reimer and can score goals
Placement</strong> 2nd

Thoughts- They have Ovechkin and if they can get Holtby on track they can make the playoffs
Placement- 5th

NHL West Preview

Thoughts- This is Selanne’s last season and I think they could make the playoffs, they have a decent team, but are in a tough division
Placement- 6th

Thoughts- When they traded iginla they basically said they are rebuilding and now they lost Kiprusoff to retirement
Placement- 7th

Thoughts- With basically the same team that won the cup, the Hawks will be in the mix again

New faces-none
Thoughts- With Patrick Roy as coach and a young nucleus they will be spoilers this year and contenders in a few

<strong>New faces</strong>- Tyler Seguin ( Boston) and Shawn Horcoff (Oilers)
<strong>Thoughts</strong>- My darkhorse team, got Horcoff which will be good and a good goalie in Lehtonen
<strong>Placement-</strong> 4th

Thoughts- They are young but finally in the playoffs this season

Los Angeles
Thoughts- same team as last season, but they got a very good team and will be a tough put in the playoffs
Placement 1st

New faces- Matt Cooke (Pens) and Nino Niederreiter (Isles)
Thoughts- I expect big seasons from Suter and Parise, they can be a serious threat if they play the way they can
Placement- 3rd

Thoughts- They will battle for the 8th seed and will be close to making it
Placement- 5th

Thoughts- Decent team in a hard division
Placement- 5th

San Jose
Thoughts Another team with small changes, they will be tough as always
Placement – 3rd

Saint Louis
Thoughts- They will be right in the mix with a nice young team

Thoughts- With a new coach in John Tortorella, and a new defensive system that will require blocking shots and forechecking they could be better than last season
Placement 2nd

Thoughts- A young team that will get better
Placement- 7th

NHL Playoff Predictions

Playoff teams: Bruins, Penguins, Rangers, Red Wings Lightning, Flyers, Devils, Leafs
Bubble- Sens,Canadiens, Islanders and Capitals

Playoff teams: Kings, Blackhawks, Sharks,Blues, Canucks, Wild, Stars and Oilers
Bubbles- Coyotes, Predators and Ducks

Thoughts- The west is wide open, the Canucks and Sharks will battle for 2nd while the 8th seed could have 4 teams with the Oilers, Predators, Ducks and Coyotes in there.
The East is also tough with alot of good teams with the Rangers,Penguins and Bruins being the 3 best, then the Wings, Flyers, Devils and Lightning also right there. The battle for 7th and 8th is also wide open with the Canadiens,Capitals, Leafs, Sens and Islanders battling for the spots.

The NHL will be wide open with alot of good teams, the Devils, Canucks, Rangers, Red Wings and Oilers made changes.

East final 4: Bruins, Penguins, Rangers and Lightning
Bruins vs Lightning- Bruins in 6
Penguins vs Rangers- Rangers in 7
Rangers vs Bruins- Bruins in 7

West final 4: Hawks, Kings, Sharks and Canucks
Hawks vs Canucks- Hawks in 6
Kings vs Sharks- Kings in 6

Hawks vs Kings- Kings in 6

Kings vs Bruins- Kings in 7

NHL TV Games Week 1


CBC- Leafs at Canadiens 7pm and Jets at Oilers 10pm

NBCSN- Capitals at Blackhawks 8pm

The best games are the Canadian rivalry game and the Blachawks raising their banner.


>TSN- Leafs at Flyers 7pm

NBCSN- Sabres at Red Wings 8pm

TSN has the better of the games as the Sabres are not good.


TSN- Flames at Capitals 7pm and Canucks at Sharks 10pm

NBCSN- Kings at Wild 8pm

Canucks at Sharks will be a great game

no games


CBC- Sens at Leafs or Flyers at Canadiens 7pm and Oilers at Canucks 10pm

NHL Net.- Red Wings at Boston 7pm

Oilers Canucks will be worth watching as will be Wings at Bruins in a original 6 rivalry.
no games

Best non national tv games:

Wednesday Lightning at Bruins and Devils at Penguins 7pm.

Thursday- Predators at Blues 8pm

Friday- Islanders at Devils 7pm

Saturday – Lightning at Blackhawks 8pm

Sunday- Flyers at Canes 5pm